Organisations are losing the battle against advanced malware, with many organisations already compromised. Enterprises have long relied on antivirus software and firewalls to protect their data. This may no longer be enough. With figures reportedly at 1 in 5 enterprises being targeted by Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s) it is something everyone should consider.

By outsmarting traditional security and bypassing signature-based technologies an open security hole may be present within your organisation. Emerging technologies can help to monitor all processes running on endpoints; such as servers and mobile devices. By monitoring the network for indicators of compromise and reviewing new network connections, APT protection can improve detection of threats and ultimately assist in mitigating the risk.

In order to ensure your organisation is protected against APTs it is essential that you maintain a layered approach to security and this is where Khaleej Al Ma’arefa can help. We provide consultancy and technical support to help you have the right security processes in place.  

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