Unsolicited email in the form of Spam in on the increase and costs businesses an exorbitant amount of money both in terms of employee productivity and servers/networks having to contend with additional traffic. Increasingly these Spam emails contain malware and links to inappropriate sites which employees become unwitting prey.


The Fortinet Anti-Spam Solution offers a wealth of features to detect, tag, quarantine and block spam messages and their malicious attachments.


FortiGuard Global Spam Filtering

fortiGuRD Spam Filtering.png

Fortinet applies a comprehensive, Multi-layered approach to guard against spam. Global spam filtering is provided through the FortiGuard Anti-Spam service which has access to the Fortinet Global Threat Intelligence database. The FortiGuard team collects and analyses a constant flow of sender IP reputation and spam signatures from the large installed base of FortiGate, FortiClient and FortiMail appliances to detect and filter most prevailing spam. In addition, customized spam filters can be created to filter email for banned words, blocked and allowed email sender addresses, heuristic rules, and highly sophisticated techniques such as Bayesian training in FortiMail.



Fortinet defense.png A large amount of spam is sent everyday by improperly configured or virus-infected host email servers. FortiGuard Anti-Spam Service maintains a global IP reputation database where there reputation of each IP address is updated based on information gathered from multiple sources. IP reputation properties can include "who's" information, geographical location, service provider, host server information, and more. In addition, by comparing each sender's historical email volume with their current email volume, FortiGuard Anti-Spam Service updates the reputation of each IP address in real-time, providing a highly effective sender IP address filter.


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