Fortinet Security Solutions   

Fortinet systems offer world class network security and intrusion prevention solutions (IPS) to help prevent data breaches and ensure total data privacy. 


Fortinet products include the Fortigate Firewall and a flexible, high performance IPsec and SSL VPN to provide secure communication between multiple networks. These can be combined with one or more antivirus, anti-spam, traffic shaping and web filtering solutions to complement legacy systems, Fortinet Trialmaking them extremely flexible.


Fortinet's Enterprise-level threat management solutions are complemented by network management systems and analysis tools as well as advanced email, database and endpoint security products.


Khaleej Al Ma’arefa are a Fortinet reseller and can advise on all aspects of IT security including network solutions and offer comprehensive Fortinet support.

we are fully versed to assist and make recommendations in all aspects of IT security which we will tailor to your specific requirements.

The Khaleej Al Ma’arefa team are happy to fix any issues a client may be experiencing. If a client has a Fortinet Firewall in place, but are experiencing problems, Khaleej Al Ma’arefa can provide Fortinet renewals of hardware and enhanced support, dependant on the client.

Fortinet Deployments That Deliver on the Promise: 

Fortinet Consolidation Solution Brochure image Fortinet Education Brochure image Fortinet Product Overview Brochure image DDoS Prevention and Mitigation image FortiOS Brochure image

Fortinet Consolidation

Solution Brochure

Fortinet -

Education Brochure

Fortinet Product

Overview Brochure

DDoS Prevention

and Mitigation

FortiOS Brochure

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