Khaleej Al Ma’arefa Solutions Firewall Services


You’ve made a great choice in selecting the best security technology in Firewalls. The next step is to ensure you have the best support services to ensure the products are performing optimally and protecting your corporate assets.


Khaleej Al Ma’arefa Solutions has achieved proven success with Firewalls solutions and have a team of engineers certified in Firewalls FCNSA and FCNSP accreditations. The team are available to assist with any variety of Firewalls technology implementation.

Our Firewalls engineers advise on all aspects of network security, evaluating business processes and delivering projects to the highest standard gained from experience across the Firewalls portfolio over the last 10 years.


Whether you require support around the clock, 365 days a year, or require normal office hours there is a support package that will match your needs. In the majority of cases our Firewalls engineers have capability to handle most queries remotely, but if an issue requires on-site presence this can be done in a matter of hours*.



Khaleej Al Ma’arefa FortiAssist Support Services:

When you take out our FortiAssist Support Services package from Khaleej Al Ma’arefa Solutions you will have at your disposal a team of Firewalls engineers who be on hand to help with any issues that may arise and to offer advice. FortiAssist will monitor your corporate systems as if they were our own, giving you complete confidence that your corporate systems are being protected at all times.


Khaleej Al Ma’arefa FortiAssist Support Services includes:

• Telephone Support and online ticket access
• Active Monitoring & Alerting
• HA Monitoring & Alerting
• Daily Backups
• Liaise with Firewalls on customer's behalf
• Minor Config changes
• Applying Patches


Firewalls FortiCare 24x7 Comprehensive Support

Customers who need round-the-clock access to mission critical support will find the 24x7 Comprehensive Support meets their requirements. In addition to online ticket access and chat, 24x7 includes telephone support at any time day or night. 24x7 also includes an advanced hardware replacement RMA benefit (next business day delivery) so that customers can sustain high levels of availability. Firmware updates to FortiOS are also included.


Firewalls FortiCare 8x5 Enhanced Support

Fortinet’s FortiCare 8x5 Enhanced Support offering includes access to real-time ticket system, an interactive chat feature, and online technical documentation. Together, these options allow customers to have fast and easy access to the technical answers they need. Additionally, 8x5 enhanced support includes return and replace hardware support (3 days after Firewalls receives the defective unit). Enhanced support additionally provides firmware updates for FortiOS.


*dependent on what support package you undertake with us.

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