Khaleej Al Ma’arefa Remote Data Backup Solution


This is a fully automated online data backup service that allows you to select all important company data stored on your servers or PC’s, and which will be uploaded via your internet connection to secure servers at a remote location away from your business premises and at a time most convenient to you.

Khaleej Al Ma’arefa IPSAN

Database corrupted? How long to restore your data, two days, two hours? Try 10 minutes with IP SAN from Khaleej Al Ma’arefa.

Khaleej Al Ma’arefa's new RAID 50 IPSAN network allows you to roll-back to one of 255 snapshots and be back on line within minutes. What's more you can keep the corrupted volume to restore transactions from.

IPSAN costs little more than traditional storage or back-up solutions and includes 100% uptime with storage upgrades at the touch of a button.

To contact us about this or any other remote backup and restore service or product, please call us on 011 2883866.

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