The PropoSys lease management system is a joint collaboration between Khaleej Al Ma’arefa and Tower Leasing, providing a powerful combination of IT and Leasing experts. 

The resulting lease administration system is designed to meet the increasing demands of the finance lease market and has been successfully implemented in a number of leasing companies.


The primary design of the lease management software is to manage all stages of the sales aid process from online proposal through to end of the lease management. PropoSys provides users with simple and logical screens to navigate the user through the lease process and provide a full audit trail of the proposal via its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.





PropoSys has been specifically designed to make it simple for users to operate without a detailed knowledge of the leasing process, this has resulted in:-

  • Full Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM presenting a complete history of every supplier  funder and lessee relationship
  • Telephonic integration allows users to dial any contact through the system
  • Full audit trail of every activity related to a proposal record
  • Powerful MI reporting capability providing management with the ability to report any field within the system and on every aspect of the business
  • Funder controls are built in to maximise profit
  • Pre-populated documentation using the information previously saved within the system to save duplication of work and opportunity for error
  • Use of action and reminders to automate processes as far as possible, whilst retaining flexibility to deal with every leasing proposal


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