WLANs face many threats that strong authentication and link encryption do not address. Because wireless is a shared medium, it is more prone to malicious attacks. Therefore you need to implement the same protection mechanisms, that you deploy on your existing WAN gateway, on your wireless LAN as well.


The opportunity here is for greater consolidation of networking elements, providing simplicity and scalability through deployment flexibility with low cost of ownership. Given the limitation of power budget and rack space in corporate networks, wireless solutions must avoid adding a large burden. Utilizing existing installed base of network devices inadvertently reduces cost and complexity and lends itself to a more scalable architecture.


The Fortinet Unified Access Layer Solution is a combined set of products circulated around the FortiGate and the FortiAPs, which are the core products. Based on the size of the network and architecture, FortiAuthenticator, FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager complements the core products for delivering a full and comprehensive solution.

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